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Shipping Tips

Packing your Barrel

Following a few simple packing guidelines will help ensure that your goods arrive undamaged and in perfect condition.

Sort objects by type, seal them in plastic bags and containers and do your best to separate them.


Duties on barrels holding a mix of food and other household goods like cleaning supplies and toiletries, as well as secondhand clothing and other miscellaneous items, are the lowest.


How to Properly Label Your Barrels


There is only one way to tell your barrel from the millions of other barrels on the wharf: the label, or to put it more precisely the writing on the barrel. Doing things right takes time, so plan accordingly.


Barrel labels should be written with a thick black permanent marker pen with your or the recipient's name and address prominently displayed.


Don't be afraid to use large block letters so that your message can be seen from a mile away. Your barrel should be easy to locate if you do that and you should be able to identify it without hesitation.


Asylum Shipping will attach a self-adhesive label of its own to the barrel.

What to include when packing a Barrel


Decide what you'll be putting in the barrel that will be shipped to Jamaica.


Customs officials will be interested in items such as electronics, alcohol, and bundles of new name brand shoes and clothing, which will result in high duties.


Dry and canned food items, basic household goods, toiletries, used clothing/shoes, and personal belongings, on the other hand, do not.



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