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Asylum Shipping was born out of a passion for logistics, paired with our extensive expertise in the industry. From the very first day, our goal was to offer a variety of superior and cost-effective services, by putting a special focus on service quality, reliability, and the comfort of knowing that your shipment is being managed by experienced professionals. This means less stress for our clients and the possibility of having more free time so they can focus on more strategically important tasks like making their business grow.

We understand excellence is a critical goal that can only be attained through our clients’ success and satisfaction. When you ship with us, you’re supporting a  group of talented people who are strongly focused on empowering individuals and businesses to thrive beyond their imagination.


it is with this spirit that we invite you to partner with us, so you can start enjoying a new and easier way of shipping.

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Our Mission

We are committed to delivering professional door-to-door logistic solutions that enable individuals and organizations to move items effectively and efficiently between the New York metropolitan area, Jamaica, and other global locations.


To become a highly reputed provider of logistic solutions both locally and internationally. Our ambition is to generate meaningful relationships with our strong base of loyal clients, offering a variety of innovative and affordable logistic services that provide them with more alternatives at the time of shipping products between destinations.

Our Vision

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