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Our Services

Weightless Shipping
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Using Weightless Shipping for larger, heavier items is more cost-effective. We will clear it and deliver your shipment to your door:

  • Barrels ( Personal Items only)

  • Large Boxes 

  • Furniture

We are your one-stop shop for door-to-door shipping.

Customs Clearance
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Customs clearance is a procedure that must be completed before goods can be imported or exported internationally.


Asylum Shipping eliminates the hassle of dealing with customs by handling it for you. We take care of :

  • Paperwork Verification 

  • Facilitating Customs Officer Checks 

  • Payments, Duties and Taxes

Door-to-Door Shipping
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Our door-to-door service is quick and dependable. Our representatives on the other end have significant local expertise, and we are well-versed in shipping regulations.


We have excellent relationships with couriers and related people, ensuring that your cargo receives VIP treatment at every stage of the shipping process and is delivered on time, to the correct place, and in good condition.

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When your shipment does not completely fill a container, it is combined with similar cargo. This shipment may originate from a single or multiple shippers.


LCL shipping can help you save money on shipping by allocating freight expenses evenly among all consignees based on a fixed dollar amount per cubic meter. Once the container reaches the port, our professionals separate the cargo and transport it to its final destination.

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We transport delicate and high-value commodities via ocean carriers using a reusable, sealed metal container to minimize the danger of transit damage. These containers are designed to endure the impact that occurs frequently during maritime shipment, ensuring that the goods inside remain undamaged. Not only are full containers less expensive to ship, but they are also a considerably safer option.


We have a diverse fleet of LCL and FCL carriers that enable us to handle business shipments of all types and sizes.

Ocean Freight Services
Container Ship

Whether you need to export general or oversized cargo, specialized items, hazardous materials, or heavy equipment such as furniture and appliances to Jamaica, Asylum Shipping provides a comprehensive range of export ocean freight services. Our carriers are designed to transport cargo that does not fit into standard container sizes.

Send us an email for a quote.

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